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Contemporary Photography Theory: The Photographers’ Gallery

Contemporary Photography Theory: The Photographers’ Gallery Monday evenings, 30 January – 20 March 2017 ABOUT Recent voices of dissent within higher education have argued that photography theory has not developed its scope of subject matter or its theoretical horizons sufficiently to account for the many processes, often digital and networked, it finds itself ingrained more

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Christodoulos Panayiotou: RODEO

Almost exactly a decade before Christodoulos Panayiotou opened his recent show “False Form,” the Cypriot artist convened a roundtable at the University of Oxford among an astrophysicist, a historian of antiquity, a philosopher, and an artist, Jem Finer, on the theme of absence. The antiquarian introduced negative theology as a way to think beyond reason;read more

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The Moving Museum: Şişhane Otopark, Istanbul

Contemporary art is often what occupies spaces after commerce has departed, or is yet to arrive. The Moving Museum’s Istanbul exhibition found temporary residence in Şişhane Otopark, a soon-to-be-open underground multi-storey carpark. Its street-level carapace, Şişhane Park, incorporates ‘sunset decks’ east-facing across the Bosporous and an outdoor ‘theatric room’. The park’s still incomplete mezzanine levelread more

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The Infinite Mix: The Hayward Gallery at 180 The Strand

I arrived at ‘The Infinite Mix’, a Hayward offsite exhibition, organized in collaboration with The Vinyl Factory while the gallery’s Southbank home is being refurbished, some time after the other critics had been and gone. ‘The Infinite Mix’, Ben Luke wrote in London’s Evening Standard, is ‘a contender for the show of the year’; ‘Wonderful,’read more

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Alien Formalism: Actuality and Abstraction

‘[Form] prolongs and diffuses itself throughout our dreams and fancies: we regard it, as it were, as a kind of fissure through which crowds of images aspiring to birth may be introduced into some indefinite realm…’ – Henri Focillon, The Life of Forms in Art, 1934 Annette Kelm’s constructed photographs of ordinary things offer usread more

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Put Me On: #Accumulator_plus

This is the tang in the air: tough love, zero tolerance, ever-growing inequality, CCTVs, ASBOs, and an ‘intensely relaxed’ attitude to what was fuelling the economic boom they said would never bust.– Dan Hancox, Stand up Tall: Dizzee Rascal and the Birth of Grime Shearsmith House in Stepney Green is one of a triumvirate ofread more

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Malcolm Le Grice: Richard Saltoun

As a filmmaker who, like many others of his generation, rented rather than sold work through the London Filmmakers’ Co-operative, Malcolm Le Grice’s first solo exhibition in a commercial gallery raises questions about the display, distribution and, finally, perhaps, displacement of such work. While the exhibition’s playful title – ‘No Idea’ – might inadvertently reflectread more