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Per Kirkeby Brick Sculpture

Perhaps, we reasoned, Per Kirkeby would allow us to construct a small modular brick column such as those in his solo exhibition ‘Fliegende Blätter’ at Museum Folkwang Essen in 1977. Not a large institution or public-facing commissioning body – the contexts for most, if not all, of Kirkeby’s brick sculptures – but a non-commercial artist-ledread more

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Exhibition, Design, Participation: ‘an Exhibit’ 1957 and Related Projects (2016) Afterall Exhibition Histories

Two months after ‘an Exhibit’ closed at the Hatton Gallery, Newcastle, in June 1957 it travelled to London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts, then situated in Mayfair, where it was reconfigured in response to the space. Contrasting with the ICA’s ornamented Georgian interior, the vertical and horizontal, parallel and perpendicular, groupings of Perspex sheets (Richard Hamilton,read more

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Lyon Biennale 2017 ‘Floating Worlds’

Few images conjure techno-modern utopia’s discontents like Buckminster Fuller’s Montreal ‘Expo 67’ biosphere in flames. Lit by a welder’s spark during structural renovation in 1976, the acrylic carapace of the icosahedron dome burnt fiercely for 30 minutes before extinguishing. Probably the lean efficiency of Fuller’s structures – he converted, as the critic Martin Pawley nicelyread more

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Filipa César & Louis Henderson: Gasworks

‘We need a lighthouse philosopher,’ suggests Roque Pina, the protagonist of Filipa César & Louis Henderson’s captivating essay-film Sunstone, 2017. Though you would be forgiven for thinking that Pina already fulfils this role as he flatly, matter-of-factly addresses the origins of the lighthouse, its development and future, and reveals its inextricable relations with Enlightenment epistemologies,read more

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Over Hang: W139, Amsterdam

After fifteen hours on the Newcastle-Amsterdam ferry I was hungover for ‘Over hang’ at W139. I arrived, then, in the dual traditions of ‘creatives’ who’ve found that a bastard behind the eyes enables a more corpuscular encounter with art and tourists ruining Amsterdam for the locals. Or maybe, as this show, curated by exhibiting artistread more

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Contemporary Photography Theory: The Photographers’ Gallery

Contemporary Photography Theory: The Photographers’ Gallery Monday evenings, 30 January – 20 March 2017 ABOUT Recent voices of dissent within higher education have argued that photography theory has not developed its scope of subject matter or its theoretical horizons sufficiently to account for the many processes, often digital and networked, it finds itself ingrained more