01.09.23 Naomi Pearce Books: 'Innominate'Book Review Review of Naomi Pearce's debut novella 'Innominate' (Moist, 2023) Art Monthly London, UK 1143
01.04.23 EX VOTO 'EX VOTO': Group Exhibition curated by Lucy Stein and Sarah HartnettExhibition Review A short 'Critic's Pick' for Artforum Artforum Great Yarmouth, UK 291
05.12.23 Ghislaine Leung 'Bosses'Book Review Review of Ghislaine Leung's essay collection 'Bosses' (Divided Publishing, 2023) Art Monthly London, UK 872
17.06.15 Mr. Mitch 'Longing for the Future'Profile A profile of the grime producer, label owner and DJ Mr. Mitch Noon SS15 Issue #3 London, UK 1561
03.07.12 SNAP Festival 'A Postcard from Suffolk'Report A 'postcard' from Suffolk, reviewing the the second SNAP festival at Aldeburgh Music, curated by Abigail Lane frieze blog London, UK 1543
19.10.22 T.J. Clark 'If These Apples Shall Fall'In Conversation T.J. Clark discusses 'If These Apples Should Fall' with Jonathan P. Watts, Wed 19 Oct 2022 Josey N/A Norwich, UK N/A
07.03.18 Wiley aka Eskiboy aka WileyKat aka Tower block boy aka Richard aka Kylea aka Godfather 'Tower Block boy'Book Review A review of the grime MC and producer Wiley's (ghost written) autobiography, Eskiboy Times Literary Supplement London, UK 1800
15.10.15 Happiness, Wellness, Cuteness, Sickness, Rachel Maclean, Benedict Drew, Lucy Beech, Edward Thomasson 'Discontents Capitalised'Feature An article on the rise of the 'happiness-industrial-complex' / the 'wellness turn' and responses to sickness by contemporary artists Art Monthly 391 London, UK 2140
26.09.15 OUTPOST gallery, Acme gallery, Arcadia Missa gallery, The Woodmill gallery 'There Goes The Neighbourhood'Article and film This article accompanied a short film that I wrote and directed, commissioned by frieze with Arts Council England frieze London, UK 1316
15.01.17 Giorgio de Chirico 'Revolt of the Sage'Exhibition Review A review of the exhibition 'Revolt of the Sage', curated by Simon Moretti and Craig Burnett, at Blain|Southern gallery, London frieze London, UK 700
03.03.16 Kurt Schwitters 'David and Samantha Cameron meet Kurt Schwitters: On the restoration of Cumbria’s Merz Barn'Report A report, co-authored with Harriet Mitchell and Anna Churcher Clarke, on the threat facing Kurt Schwitters' Merz Barn in the Lake District, drawing on personal experiences frieze London, UK 1800
22.02.19 Haroon Mirza 'Haroon Mirza: reality is somehow what we expect it to be'Exhibition Review A review of Haroon Mirza's solo exhibition 'reality is somehow what we expect it to be' at IKON gallery, Birmingham frieze London, UK 600
15.11.14 Hannah Sawtell '#STANDARDISER'Exhibition Review A review of Hannah Sawtell's exhibition '#STANDARDISER' at Focal Point Gallery, Southend frieze London, UK 909
20.04.15 Eileen Quinlan 'Eileen Quinlan'Exhibition Review A review of Eileen Quinlan at Campoli Presti, London frieze London, UK 700
27.10.18 Conor Donlon 'Enthusiasm: Conor Donlon'Text A short text on the bookseller Conor Donlon, written in response to a brief from frieze magazine exploring 'enthusiasm' frieze London, UK 300
12.05.18 Linder 'The House of Fame', Nottingham ContemporaryExhibition Review A short review of Linder's exhibition 'The House of Fame', an exhibition which incorporates works and objects selected by Linder Flash Art International Milan, It 450
23.07.19 Sung Tieu, Quỳnh Phạm, Phùng Tiến Sơn, UuDam Tran Nguyen, MOT+++, Sàn Art, A.Farm, The Factory, Galerie Quỳnh 'Postcard from Vietnam'Report A 'postcard' / city report of contemporary art in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Art Monthly 428 London, UK 1652
17.09.19 BANK, Angus Fairhurst, Richard Hamilton, Damien Hirst, Gary Hume, Karen Knorr, Sarah Lucas, Olivier Richon, Peter Saville, Sam Taylor-Johnson, Gillian Wearing ‘New Order: Art, Product, Image, 1976-1995’, Sprüth Magers Gallery London / BANK: ‘Summa’, Piper Keys LondonExhibition Review A comparative review of ‘New Order: Art, Product, Image, 1976-1995’, Sprüth Magers Gallery London (curated by Michael Bracewell) / BANK: ‘Summa’, Piper Keys London Art Monthly 429 London, UK 1421
20.04.18 Charles Landry 'Creative Workplace Summit, A Postcard from Great Yarmouth'Review A report from the first 'Creative Workplace Summit' organised by Original Projects, St George's Theatre, Great Yarmouth Art Monthly 417 Great Yarmouth, UK 1798
08.06.14 Per Kirkeby 'Per Kirkeby Brick Sculpture'Curation An exhibition of a previously unbuilt Per Kirkeby brick sculpture N/A London, UK
28.09.17 Lyon Biennale 2017 ‘Floating Worlds’Exhibition Review A review of the 2017 Lyon Biennale 'Floating Worlds' frieze London, UK 804
06.07.17 Filipa César & Louis Henderson 'Op-Film: An Archaeology of Optics'Exhibition Review A review of Filipa César & Louis Henderson's exhibition 'Op-Film: An Archaeology of Optics' at Gasworks, London Art Monthly 408 London, UK 988
01.04.17 Jacob Dwyer, Marcia Gratton, Jean Hubert, Franziska Schulz, Rustan Söderling, Dan Walwin, Charlott Weise 'Over Hang'Exhibition Review A review of the group show 'Over Hang' at W139 gallery, Amsterdam frieze London, UK 731
17.05.17 Alan Clarke 'Who's Laughing?'Essay On Alan Clarke’s 'Rita, Sue and Bob Too', the death of Ian Brady, and what laughter might conceal frieze blog London, UK 988
01.09.14 William Raban, Paul Burwell, Stephen Cripps, London Filmmakers' Co-op, ACME 'Bow Scansions'Audio A conversation, in car and by foot, with the filmmaker William Raban, commissioned as part of the exhibition 'Mechanical Garden and Other Long Encores'. Proceeding from Bow, where he has lived for over forty years, Raban shares his Tower Hamlets: Gentrified docks, BNP Wards, Balfron Tower, and Kray Twins nostalgia — among many motifs in his films N/A London, UK N/A
30.01.17 Photography 'Contemporary Photography Theory Course'Teaching Drawing from across disciplines this course will reorientate attendees’ ideas concerning the production, distribution and interpretation of photographic-based imagery today, ideas, for example, concerning machinic gazes, operational images, virality, software materiality, surveillance technologies, and spam N/A London, UK N/A
04.04.14 Camille Henrot 'The Pale Fox'Exhibition Review A preview of Camille Henrot's 'The Pale Fox' at Chisenhale gallery, London CURA Rome, IT 750
09.11.16 Slimzee, Geeneus, Rinse FM, Boiler Room, Slackk 'Put Me On'Essay An essay commissioned by guest editor of 'The Happy Hypocrite' Hannah Sawtell on grime radio, from analogue to digital, featuring Rinse FM co-founders Slimzee and Geeneus, and interviews with Boiler Room founder Blaise Belville and BoxedLdn crew member Slackk Happy Hypocrite #Accumulator_plus London, UK 3032
02.09.16 Christodoulos Panayiotou 'False Form'Exhibition Review A review of Christodoulos Panayiotou's solo exhibition 'False Form' at RODEO, London Artforum New York, USA 716
20.01.15 İz Öztat, Aslı Çavuşoğlu, Hannah Perry, Haig Aivazian, Ben Schumacher, Jeremy Bailey, Zach Blas 'The Moving Museum: Şişhane Otopark'Exhibition Review A review of The Moving Museum at Şişhane Otopark, Istanbul frieze London, UK 831
30.09.16 Ugo Rondinone, Cecilia Bengolea and Jeremy Deller, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Kahlil Joseph, Cyprien Gaillard 'The Infinite Mix'Exhibition Review A review of 'The Infinite Mix' at The Hayward Gallery at 180 Strand curated by Ralph Rugoff frieze London, UK 870
30.10.16 Annette Kelm 'Alien Formalism: Actuality and Abstraction'Exhibition Text An exhibition text on the photographer Annette Kelm on the occasion of her solo exhibition at Herald St gallery, London, 2016 Herald St gallery London, UK 674
11.08.15 Adam Linder 'S, s, s, s sommme P, p,p,p,proxim, im, im, ity'Interview An interview with the choreographer Adam Linder Un Magazine Melbourne, AUS 2964
13.02.14 Jordan Wolfson 'Poser Punks'Essay On Jordan Wolfson's 'Raspberry Poser' at Chisenhale gallery and Derek Jarman's 72nd birthday frieze Blog London, UK 2059
03.03.17 Grime 'Bass Instincts: This Is Grime'Book Review A review of Hattie Collins and Olivia Rose's book 'This Is Grime' Artforum New York, USA 891
05.01.17 Edward Thomasson 'Other People'Exhibition Review A review of Edward Thomasson's exhibition 'Other People' at Southard Reid, London Artforum New York, USA 684
13.02.16 Sun Ra, Pauline Boudry / Renate Lorenz, Rana Hamadeh, Danai Anesiadou 'Alien Encounters'Exhibition Review A review of four exhibitions that made up 'Alien Encounters' at Nottingham Contemporary frieze London, UK 967
19.08.15 Malcolm Le Grice 'Malcolm Le Grice'Exhibition Review A review of Malcolm Le Grice's first solo exhibition in the UK at Richard Saltoun, London frieze London, UK 970
16.06.13 Aaron Flint Jamison 'In Focus: Aaron Flint Jamison'Profile A profile of the contemporary artist Aaron Flint Jamison frieze London, UK 1105
02.11.15 DeWain Valentine 'DeWain Valentine'Exhibition Review A review of DeWain Valentine's first solo exhibition in the UK frieze London, UK 805
01.02.17 Amanda Beech 'Covenant Transport Move or Die'Exhibition Review A review of Amanda Beech's exhibition 'Covenant Transport Move or Die' at BALTIC: Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead Art Monthly 403 London, UK 747
02.11.15 Beatrice Loft Schulz 'Living Arrangement #'Exhibition Review A review of Beatrice Loft Schulz's exhibition 'Living Arrangement #' at Arcadia Missa, London Artforum New York, USA 687
19.04.16 Mark Fell, Michel Auder, Steve Claydon, Hannah Sawtell 'Art Sheffield 2016: Up, Down, Top, Bottom, Strange and Charm'Exhibition Review A review of 'Art Sheffield 2016', a contemporary art biennale across various venues in Sheffield, curated by Martin Clark frieze London, UK 851
04.05.16 Marcel Duchamp, Mathieu Mercier 'From or by Marcel Duchamp or Rrose Sélavy'Book Review 'From or by Marcel Duchamp or Rrose Sélavy Boîte Serie G', 1968, Designed and edited by Mathieu Mercier, König Books Times Literary Supplement London, UK 508
04.11.13 Bob Cobbing 'Bob Cobbing: ABC in Sound'Exhibition Review A review of 'Bob Cobbing: ABC in Sound', curated by William Cobbing and Rosie Cooper, at the Exhibition Research Centre, Liverpool Art Monthly 371 London, UK 1405
01.07.15 Alice Theobald 'In Focus: Alice Theobald'Profile A profile of the contemporary artist Alice Theobald frieze London, UK 868
30.10.14 Stuart Brisley 'State of Denmark'Exhibition Review A review of Stuart Brisley's survey exhibition, 'State of Denmark' at Modern Art Oxford frieze London, UK 834
16.04.15 Akram Zaatari 'Akram Zaatari: SALT Beyoğlu'Exhibition Review A review of Akram Zaatari's survey exhibition at SALT Beyoğlu, Istanbul frieze London, UK 1834
02.11.14 Mark Aerial Waller, Laure Prouvost, Juliette Blightman, Cally Spooner, Ruth Beale 'The Influence of Furniture on Love'Exhibition Review A review of 'The Influence of Furniture on Love' at Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridgeshire, curated by Giles Round and Lotte Juul Peterson Art Monthly 381 London, UK 1242
29.10.16 Nicholas Cheveldave, Daniel Keller 'Condo: Various venues'Exhibition Review A review of Condo, London, a 'collaborative exhibition by 24 international galleries across eight London spaces', directed by Vanessa Carlos Artforum London, UK 529
21.10.19 Stephan Dillemuth 'Stephan Dillemuth'Exhibition Review A short 'Critic's Picks' review of Stephan Dillemuth at Le Bourgeois gallery, Catford Artforum London, UK 251
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